ACL Surgery Cost

Cost of ACL SurgeryACL surgery is expensive and plays a large role in the decision of whether or not to have surgery. Insurance companies and coverage varies. It’s wise to get the exact billing codes from your doctor and give these codes to your insurance provider to see if its covered in your plan. Be as specific as possible, for example, besides the codes, note the estimated duration of the surgery, if the doctor will have an assistant and if billed individually, and the anesthesiologist, physical therapy rehab, ice machines (cyrotherapy), leg braces, crutches, pain killers or any other prescriptions, and any other costs. Get it all and be detailed so you don’t have any surprises.

To give you a ballpark of costs, in December 2010, fifty one people who have had ACL surgery reported their costs. This was the exact cost out of pocket to them, not what insurance covered. You will notice that several paid nothing $0 and the highest was $17,500, the overall average cost being $2,339.43.


1 $100.00
2 $3,000.00
3 $3,000.00
4 $3,000.00
5 $500.00
6 $500.00
7 $2,000.00
8 $3,000.00
9 $500.00
10 $17,500.00
11 $800.00
12 $80.00
13 $-
14 $100.00
15 $4,500.00
16 $1,200.00
17 $1,000.00
18 $2,000.00
19 $2,000.00
20 $-
21 $1,360.00
22 $6,000.00
23 $1,500.00
24 $160.00
25 $6,000.00
26 $-
27 $50.00
28 $950.00
29 $1,500.00
30 $1,000.00
31 $15,000.00
32 $-
33 $-
34 $-
35 $3,000.00
36 $1,500.00
37 $1.00
38 $-
39 $150.00
40 $5,000.00
41 $2,000.00
42 $7,000.00
43 $500.00
44 $1,500.00
45 $10.00
46 $850.00
47 $2,000.00
48 $8,000.00
49 $500.00
50 $2,000.00
51 $7,000.00

More information upfront will help you make a smart decision about whether or not to have ACL surgery. If the surgery proves to be a financial burden currently, remember that there is no risk in waiting as far as the surgery or your knee is concerned as it is. It assumes that you won’t engage in sports or activities that put your knee at further risk. If you postpone, you’d really have to take it easy and be careful, while strengthening the muscles around the knee.

For more info on costs, see the end of this post on ACL surgery advice

If you had ACL surgery, please comment below and share how much you paid so others can benefit. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “ACL Surgery Cost”

  1. My costs as follows: surgeon- $1200, hospital- $1000, MRI/ brace- $600, anesthesia- ?, 20 physical therapy visits- $500 (approx. $3500-4000 total)

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  3. pakistan is a country where acl injured patient are treated(surgery/arthoscopy) free of cost.
    Government Mayo hospital Lahore giving the free services to acl injured persons.

    1. Arsalan rafiq says:

      Really .. Is it true..??
      Im having ACL injury bt i cant afford the surgery.. Plz give me info if the surgery is free in Mayo hospital.. I’ll be very thankful to you

  4. Juan carlos says:

    I need the surgery, also a meniscus repair, just for the latter in Mt. Shasta Mercy center the quote is about $ 15,000. (No insurance)

  5. Ahmed Daw says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Could you please tell me if it is possible for foreigners (like me) to have this type surgery?..If yes, please tell me about estimated costs, and give me some advices and recommendations I may need if I come to US to do that surgery?
    Thank you.

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